Growler Chill Brings The Brew Pub To Your Man Cave

The best thing about visiting your favorite craft brewery is bringing home a growler of a special brew available nowhere else. But then you pop open the 64 oz. jug only to realize you’re going to need to drink it before it goes flat. And some of those specialty beers can be strong in both flavor and alcohol content, so chugging them is not the best option. That’s where Growler Chill comes in.

Growler Chill is a household countertap that keeps up to three growlers cold, fresh, and on tap right at home. The unit plugs into a standard 120 Volt outlet and keeps the beer at whatever temperature you want between 38° F and 54° F while also ensuring your precious brews are dark and free from oxygen. And flat beer is not a concern since an internal 90 gram beverage grade CO2 cartridge keeps each pour fresh.

The technology doesn’t end with the unit. Growler Chill connects to the internet via WiFi and can be controlled via a smartphone app that will include features such as remote temperature control, beer volume tracker, history of beers loaded and sanitizing cycle alerts.

Growler Chill has already reached its Kickstarter goal and can be reserved for a pledge of $379. Delivery is estimated in August — just in time to host some kickass summer parties for your fellow beer lovers.