Schwarzenegger Compares Congress To Nickelback; Nickelback Retaliates With Mr. Freeze Burn

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently earning millions of views with a viral video for Attn: where he lists the horrible things somehow more popular than the United States Congress before describing the threat that gerrymandering poses to our democracy. It’s a powerful short that’s already been watched over 7 million times:

But not everyone is happy with the video. The Governator drew the ire of everyone’s least favorite Canadian rock band with his video and this tweet:

That’s right, Nickelback went there. When Arnie starts to pick on you, nothing will get him to shut up faster than the steaming turdfest that is Batman & Robin.

So what can we learn from this? Not only is gerrymandering awful and the whole country should be like California and take map-making power away from politicians and give it back to the people, but we should also be a little kinder to Nickelback. Not because they don’t suck — they’re certainly “the worst” — but because they might forget their Canadian and be mean right back.