Reebok’s Retro Shaq Attaq Is Getting An LSU Makeover

Last month Reebok brought back the iconic Shaq Attaq in honor of the 25th anniversary of both the sneaker and Shaquille O’Neal’s NBA debut. Because we love nostalgia — and because they’re great sneakers — ’90s kids went crazy for the rerelease and Reebok took notice.

Since the NBA All-Star Weekend is in New Orleans this weekend, Reebok saw it as the perfect opportunity to yet again honor Shaq, who was a star for LSU before heading off to the NBA. With the help of Louisiana’s very own Sneaker Politics, Reebok paid homage to LSU with new Shaq Attaqs featuring a white leather upper with purple and gold accents throughout along with Sneaker Politics’ “P” logo.

The special “Alma Mater” edition Shaq Attaqs launch in-store at Sneaker Politics’ flagship store at 11:30 AM CT on February 18. Later that evening, they’ll hit online at 8 PM ET.