Sweetwater Brewing Co. Released A Patriots Beer Because They Lost A Super Bowl Bet

Last month, we shared the Super Bowl bet made between Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Company and Boston Beer Company, brewer of Sam Adams. The deal was that the loser would have to come up with a special brew to honor the winner’s team. Things were looking good for SweetWater for most of the game:

And then the Patriots made the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history:

And with that, SweetWater realized they would have to make a Patriots beer. But instead of trying to play it off like it was all just a joke, SweetWater stood by their promise and earlier today unveiled Patriot SB51, “a soul crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated.” Wow…sounds delicious.

Only 100 cans were made available at the brewery and of course, they disappeared immediately. Smart move, SweetWater. Brew the beer but in super-limited quantities so you can quickly forget about Super Bowl LI.