This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Travel The US In A Converted Van

When most people graduate college, they immediately the nine to five world that will be their prison for the next 40 years. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s what we’re told to do…so we do it. But some of us have the guts and drive to live life a little differently. Recent college grads Pete Thuli and Taylor Bucher are two such gutsy individuals.

With a wanderlust driving the couple, Thuli and Bucher bought a Sprinter van and spent $5000 over the course of four months converting it into a mobile home. Since then, they have clocked 7,000 miles traveling the United States and blogging about their adventure at Always The Road and sharing photos on Instagram @alwaystheroad. Take a look at some of their inspirational photos below and dream of a life outside your cubicle…but for just a few minutes because your manager is totally watching you right now.

Casual lunch on the Florida coast

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Just another beautiful day cruisin' up A1A

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