Brewdog Offers Staff One Week Vacation When Adopting Dogs

Scotland’s BrewDog Brewery is one of the most innovative brewers in the biz — and not just because of their insane beer, like their 55% ABV End of History blond Belgian ale stuffed in a taxidermy squirrel. The brewery also employs interesting business methods, like the Equity for Punks program wherein fans of the brewery buy shares in the company, a method that has helped the brewery expand across the pond to Ohio. And if all that wasn’t great enough, BrewDog just got greater.

BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie realize how therapeutic it is to have dogs around. There are 50 office dogs at the company’s Aberdeenshire HQ — dogs that keep everyone more relaxed at the office. And to encourage their employees to get furry friends of their own, the duo is instituting a new program wherein employees will get one wee vacation when adopting a dog to bond with their new family addition.

The perk will be extended to employees both in Scotland and the new brewery in Ohio and BrewDog believes they are the first company in the United States to offer such a program. In addition, the dogs will of course be welcome at the office and any of BrewDogs pubs around the world.