Dr. Martens And Beavis And Butt-Head Come Together For The Most ’90s Boots Ever

Dr. Martens has been producing some of the most comfortable footwear for 70 years, but it was in the ’90s when everyone seemed to own a pair of Docs. The leather boots, available in a surprising array of colors, were the perfect complement to ripped jeans, dirty flannel and offensive tees from Spencer’s. So it only makes sense that Doc Martens has finally joined forces with the most quintessential ’90s cartoon, Beavis and Butt-Head.

Two pairs of 8-eye boots are part of the collection. The white and black boots feature the duo rocking out together while the blue and black pair features one character on each boot banging their head in front of Elizabeth Tower. The collection also contains a T-shirt and a leather patchwork backpack.

Look for the entire collection at Dr. Martens stores and online beginning March 1 and expect to pay £125 ($150) for the boots, £40 ($50) for the tee and £150 ($240) for the large leather backpack.

via Highsnobiety