Would You Eat A Japanese Raw Meat Cake?

I imagine there was a time when Westerners couldn’t fathom the idea of eating raw fish, but thankfully sushi has always been a delicious part of my life. Likewise, there may come a day when future generations look back at our close-minded selves who couldn’t imagine eating a cake made of raw meat — something that is apparently popular in Japan. But that day has not arrived and as of now, I and so many other Westerners just can’t wrap our minds around these “cakes” that are probably covered in all manner of dangerous bacteria. Wait…they don’t eat them raw?

Although eating pounds of raw beef and pork wouldn’t even crack the top 10 off odd Japanese things, apparently that’s not what’s going on here. As it turns out, many Japanese folks just enjoy celebrating at yakiniku restaurants where diners select raw meat to be cooked right at the table over small grills. So while these may look a bit unappetizing raw, the meat is in fact not ingested until it’s cooked. Congrats, Japan, you finally surprised us by not being weird.