Revisit ‘Breaking Bad’ In This 2-Hour Fan Edit Of The Entire Series

AMC’s Breaking Bad aired 62 episodes over its five-year run, meaning it would take a little more than two full days to watch every episode back-to-back. As great as the show was during its initial run, we just don’t have that kind of time. There are way too many binge-worthy shows and revisiting Breaking Bad is a huge undertaking that we just can;t fit into our schedule. But a two-hour “Cliffsnotes” of the entire series? That could work…

Breaking Bad presented some of television’s most complex and intriguing characters over its 62 episodes and such depth is something that just can’t be accomplished in just a couple hours. So if you have never seen the series, watching a two-hour condensed version is a huge disservice. But if you’ve seen it all and just want a refresher — especially with the season three premiere of Better Call Saul just around the corner — this fan edit is a perfect reminder of how great of a series it was.