You’ll Soon Be Able To Dive The Wreckage Of The Titanic – If You Can Afford It

Although the Titanic sank in 1912, the wreckage of the ship wasn’t uncovered until 1985. Since that time, many experts — and James Cameron — have explored the dive site but it has remained off-limits to the rest of us, mostly because most of us don’t have the equipment necessary to travel 13,000 feet under the ocean. But starting in 2018, anyone will be able to check out the wreckage — as long as they have the cash.

Next year, Blue Marble Private plans to begin taking groups of nine amateur explorers to the wreckage site from Newfoundland, Canada. The trip starts in a helicopter or seaplane, then to a yacht docked above the wreck. From there, things get really exciting.

As long as the weather permits, the travelers will then join a crew of experts in a specially designed titanium and carbon fibre submersible that will take them down 13,000 feet to the wreckage site. Up to three passengers will be able to go down at a time while the others follow along with the dive from the yacht.

Of course, such an incredible experience — you basically get to be James Cameron — doesn’t come cheap. Each passenger will be forking over $105,129, which while considerably pricey is also historically significant; it’s the adjusted for inflation equivalent of the $4,350 a first class passenger paid for the original journey in 1912. Let’s just hope things turn out better for these explorers.