Iconic Concert: The Pogues At The Town And Country Club London 1988

Long before The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly mixed classic Irish melodies with punk attitude, the Pogues brought the music of the Emerald Isle to the masses.

Led by original punk Shane MacGowan, former frontman of the Nipple Erectors, aka the Nips, the Pogues became a worldwide sensation shortly after forming in 1982 with a unique sound that put a contemporary twist on Celtic music. By 1991, MacGowan’s drinking problems led to his being replaced by former Clash frontman Joe Strummer before the band called it quits in 1996. Over the years, the Pogues would reform when MacGowan wasn’t working with his other band, the Popes, but haven’t played since a handful of shows in 2014, shortly after the death of guitarist Phil Chevron.

The Pogues were at their biggest and best in the late ’80s, following the success of their 1998 album, If I Should Fall from Grace with God. The album is best known for “Fairytale of New York,” featuring Irish singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl swapping bawdy yet oddly romantic lyrics with MacGowan, culminating in a track that his since become a Christmas classic on pub jukeboxes around the world.

MacColl joined the Pogues at many gigs during this era and she appears below on a few numbers from an incredible performance by the band at the Town and Country Club in London filmed in 1988. Check out the entire show, which also features appearances from Strummer and Lynval Golding of the Specials, and pay homage to the original Celtic punk band on this St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Metropolis
  2. Broad Majestic Shannon
  3. If I Should Fall From Grace With God
  4. Rainy Night In Soho
  5. Thousands Are Sailing
  6. Fairytale Of New York
  7. Lullaby Of London
  8. Dirty Old Town
  9. London Calling
  10. Turkish Song Of the Damned
  11. Fiesta
  12. Irish Rover
  13. Worms
  14. Rudi: A Message To You
  15. Wild Rover