Kyle MacLachlan Created This ‘Coffeetime’ Playlist To Welcome Back ‘Twin Peaks’

Twin Peaks, the too-weird-for-network-television cult TV show, was originally canceled way back in 1991 after just two seasons and 30 episodes, but fans never gave up hope for a return to the crime-ridden Washington town. Those fans will soon be rewarded when Twin Peaks returns to the small screen May 21 with a new 18-episode run on Showtime. And the fans aren’t the only ones excited to see the return of the series. Kyle MacLachlan, who returns to his iconic role as Agent Dale Cooper, is also happy to be back and as a nod to his character’s love of coffee, he has curated an incredible playlist on Spotify.

“Coffeetime” features 55 songs — over four hours of music — that pair perfectly with a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for the dreamy pop vocals of Julee Cruise or the ambient jazz of Angelo Badalamenti that set the mood for each episode of the series, you’re out of luck. MacLachlan stuck mostly with ’60s and ’70s rock and just a few ’90s gems for his playlist that may not belong in a David Lynch production but somehow fit with what you’d expect from ol’ Coop.