14 Defunct Car Brands And How They Failed

Does it seem like there just aren’t as many car brands as there used to be? That’s because there isn’t! Following the Great Recession of the late 2000s, we lost a ton of brands, including Pontiac, Saab and Mercury. But those definitely weren’t the first casualties of the automotvie industry.

Manufacturing cars is an expensive business and just one mistake can be the end of a brand. Over the last century, countless manufacturers have come and gone, whether it’s due to bad engineering (Edsel), badge engineering (Chrysler), or…drug trafficking (DeLorean).

Learn about 14 now-defunct car brands in this infographic from TitleMax and long for the days of Saturn, Oldsmobile and AMC. And I don’t care what 1950s America says, Edsel; I think you were beautiful.

Source: TitleMax