Disney Classics Get A Heavy Metal Makeover On New Album

Do you love heavy metal but wish the dark motifs of death and despair could be replaced with the optimistic lyrics of a saccharine Disney tune? Probably not, but someone out there does and for them, there exists “Metal Disney.”

Vocalis Michael Vescera, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer BJ Zampa and guitarist John Bruno join forces as the D-Metal Stars on “Metal Disney,” an 11-track album featuring metal covers of Disney classics. It’s not the groups first foray into such territory; they are also part of the Animetal USA project where they cover popular anime songs.

“Metal Disney” was originally released in Japan last year but is now available in North America. Give it a listen below via Spotify. As goofy as the concept is, I’m really starting to dig “When You Wish Upon a Star.”