This Brooklyn Bar Has Beer ATMs

The craft beer revolution has gifted us with more choices we could have ever imagined when visiting our local watering hole but with so many beers, ordering can get intimidating. Trying to pick something to drink when you are faced with thirty beers you know nothing about can be tough and asking for multiple samples is no way to endear your busy bartender to your indecisive ass. But one Brooklyn establishment is making it easier for everyone on both sides of the bar with a wall of beer ATMs.

The beer wall at Randolph Beer in Williamsburg offers 24 self-serve craft beer taps — half of which come from local NYC brewers. Customers trade their credit card in for a card that works with the beer ATM, where they are able to pour one or 12-ounce glasses of whatever beer they choose. When they’re all done drinking, they turn in the ATM card and their credit card is charged.

Now they just need the ATMs to give the occasional judging snigger and the craft beer bar experience will be complete without any human interaction!

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