A Mexico Brewery Is Making An Anti-Trump Beer

Donald Trump, the teetotaling President of the United States, is quickly becoming the biggest star of beer labels thanks to his innate ability to piss off just about everyone. Last month we shared how his love of all things Russia led a Ukraine brewery to create Trump, The President of the Divided States of America Mexican Lager. And now a Mexican brewery is jumping on the Trump train with Amigous Cerveza.

Created by Mexico City’s Casa Cervecera Cru Cru in partnership with Salt Lake City’s Epic Brewing, Amigous Cerveza is a New England Indian Pale with a dash of mango, complete with a label depicting POTUS as an angry mariachi with pants held up with a swastika belt buckle.

Needless to say, the beer has been a hit, with the initial batch of 1,200 bottles and 400 liters on tap selling out within a week of its May release.