Departed Soles Brewing Celebrates Anniversary With RSVLTS Collaboration, Fourth of Jul-IPA

In the summer of 2015, Brian Kulbacki opened Departed Soles Brewing Company, Jersey City’s first craft brewery offering a selection of beer made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. The idea began years earlier with Brian and his friend Chris planning a brewpub. And since Chris was diagnosed with celiac disease, learning to brew gluten free beer was a must.

Unfortunately, Chris tragically passed away in 2010. But Brian continued working towards their dream, attending the American Brewers Guild School for Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering, Brewery in Planning edition. Brian became the first graduate of the program specializing in gluten free beer.

Fast forward to present day and Departed Soles’ beers — both gluten free and traditional offerings — have proven to be a hit with craft beer lovers again and again. In fact, A Dark Night, DSBC’s gluten free Cascadian Dark Ale, was recently awarded a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup in Philadelphia. And now, in celebration of their second anniversary, Departed Soles is teaming with The RSVLTS.

Our fans know that we love our country, and in the summer, nothing is more American than cooling down with a delicious Bomb Pop, the red, white, and blue frozen freedom-cicle. So when we teamed with Departed Soles for an specialty summer brew, the special ingredient was a no-brainer. Presenting Fourth of Jul-IPA:

Fourth of Jul-IPA is a 7.6% ABV India Pale Ale brewed exclusively with citra hops and cooled down with real Bomb Pops. That’s right, the sweet summer treat is actually one of the ingredients, making this the only beer that truly tastes like freedom. And with a portion of sales going to local veterans groups, we couldn’t be more proud of the result.

The special collab will be available Friday, June 16, beginning at 4PM at Departed Soles tasting room at the brewery, located at 150 Bay St, Ste 2A, in Jersey City’s Powerhouse Arts District. It’s conveniently accessible by NJ Transit, PATH, light rail, ferry, or bus, so you basically have zero reason to not be there. So come out and celebrate America, Departed Soles and RSVLTS with a Fourth of Jul-IPA!

#FourthOfJulIPA 4pm

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