Help XBox, RSVLTS and Charity Gaming Bring Video Games to Children’s Hospitals

This summer, we’re partnering up with XBox and Charity Gaming to do a little good in this crazy world and we’d love if you helped us along the way. Our good friends over at Charity Gaming have been making the world a better place one gaming kart at a time, providing children, suffering from chronic diseases, video games to bring joy back into their lives. Through the immersive landscape of the video game world, Charity Gaming has helped bring some happiness to children across the east coast from planning fundraisers to assisting Children’s Hospitals and children’s cancer wings video game karts.


So what exactly is a video game kart? These specialty mobile karts come fully stocked with an XBox console, TV and a catalogue of games children can play. Most hospitals don’t have anymore equipment than a minimal selection of outdated games, so we’re trying to change that by allowing kids to escape the hospital some time and transporting them somewhere immersive and fun. That’s where we come in; The amazing Team Xbox have committed a donation of two Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites (500GB) bundles to our cause, so all we need to do now is build the gaming karts around them.

The Plan: Our plan is to raise $4,000 to build out one of these carts with your help. If we can hit our mark on the first kart, RSVLTS will match it and donate a second kart to another Children’s Hospital or children’s cancer wing. With your help along with XBox and Charity gaming, we’ll be able to help bring a ray of light and joy into the lives of hundreds of children. If you’re interested in donating please fill out the information below and let’s make this happen.

To get the ball rolling we’re going to offer a 10% off promo code for for any donation starting today. Just donate what you feel comfortable with and well shoot you a promocode to the email provided. Click the image below to get started. Thanks -John and Steve, RSVLTS Co-founders


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