Grant’s Whisky Wants To Pay Someone To Travel The World And Drink Scotch

Global Brand Ambassadors are nothing new, as most brands with a worldwide reach employ personable folks to sell their product across the globe. But usually they are PR professionals who worked their way up to the position. Not so for Grant’s Whisky.

The scotch brand is opening up the job search to any enthusiastic scotch lovers over the age of 25 with a social media presence. And over the next few months, the hopeful brand ambassador will be chosen through an extensive three-stage process.

The first stage requires the creation of a three-ingredient cocktail (including Grant’s, of course) that embodies the personality of the applicant. These will be shared on Facebook and Instagram by August 30 and from there, Grant’s will choose 250 to fill out a short application. From that 250, 20 will move on to stage two.

The next stage finds 20 applicants traveling to Grant’s home in Scotland, where they will face a series of challenges relevant to the job. Whatever the hell that means. From there, just three will move on.

The final three hopefuls will each visit three different destinations across ten days, leaving mid-October. Upon arrival, they will receive a suitcase of Grant’s and set off to work with local teams to set up events that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways. A videographer will document the action and the winner will become Grant’s global brand ambassador.

Do you think you have what it takes to spread the word of Grant’s? If so, start working on your cocktail and apply here before the August 30 deadline.