Watch Bill Hader Nail Anthony Scaramucci On ‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’

We were pretty bummed when Anthony Scaramucci was canned after only ten day as White House Communications Director. Not because it seemed like someone competent finally had the job — Scaramucci sounds like a coke-fueled lunatic after all — but because SNL was on summer break during the entire bizarre saga. However, even though the 43rd season premiere of SNL is still a couple months away, Weekend Update: Summer Edition is here to pick up the slack on Thursday nights.

The new summertime SNL spinoff debuted on Thursday night and we finally got to see the sketch show’s take on Scaramucci. Who did they get to play the Mooch? None other than brilliant SNL alum Bill Hader. Now let’s just hope Scaramucci keeps his ridiculous self in the spotlight so we can see more of Hader’s hilarious impression.