Here’s How Far NFL Teams Will Travel This Season

NFL teams have it easy when it comes to travel. With only 16 regular season games each, that’s a helluva lot less travel than NBA teams, which play 82 games each, or MLB teams which play about 60,000 games each season. So NFL teams probably don’t rack up more than a few thousand miles, right? Not quite.

This season, the NFL will play four games in London. That means eight teams — the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings — will travel a few thousand more miles than they usually would. So it’s no surprise that the Rams, whose round trip to London clocks in at 10,894 miles, lead the NFL in miles traveled this year. But what is surprising is just how much more they will travel then those at the bottom of the list.

Check out the mileage of each NFL team in the 2017 season in the infographic below then check out more stats, including a comprehensive “price ranking” of all the teams, at HomeToGo.

Source: HomeToGo