10 Facts That Will Make You Love ‘The Sandlot’ All Over Again

Somehow it has been almost 25 years since The Sandlot was released and at this point, we have all seen it hundreds of times. And of course, since we watch it ad infinitum — or ad nauseam considering the carnival scene — there is no way we could possibly learn anything about the film we don’t already know…right? Wrong! Check out ten facts from the making of The Sandlot below then watch it again with newfound appreciation. And maybe wear something from the RSVLTS Sandlot Collection while you watch.

There’s A Reason Why Young And Old Benny Look So Much Alike

The actors who played young and old Benny are real-life brothers; Mike Vitar was younger Benny and Pablo Vitar played him as a grown-up Dodgers star.

The ‘Vomit’ Has An Interesting Recipe



That very lifelike vomit was actually made from split pea soup, baked beans, oatmeal, water and some movie gel. The crew used paint guns to accomplish the “splatter” effect. Oh yeah, and that chewing tobacco that made the boys so sick? Just beef jerky and licorice.

The Relationship Between Smalls And Benny Was Legit

The director wanted the relationship between Smalls and Benny to appear real onscreen, so he had Tom Guiry and Mike Vitar meet and rehearse together for weeks before the rest of the cast got together. And it worked! The other kids thought Tom and Mike had been friends for years.

‘She Knows Exactly What She’s Doing’

Every ’90s kid knows the line “She knows exactly what she’s doing” is about Wendy Peffercorn. But they may not know that the line actually comes from a scene in 1967’s Cool Hand Luke and was uttered by star Paul Newman:

The Narrator Played An Important Part Behind The Scenes

First-time director and writer David Mickey Evans also served as the uncredited narrator for the film.

Kenny And Benny Met Up In Another Film

Both Brandon Quintin Adams (Kenny) and Mike Vitar (Benny) starred in 1994’s D2: The Mighty Ducks.

The Drug Store Was Already A Movie Star

Although the movie is set in California, much of it was filmed in Utah, where Vincent Drug, which operated until 2003, could be found. But The Sandlot wasn’t the first time the Midvale drug store appeared on film; Jamie goes there to pick out a costume in 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Denis Leary Had To Pretend To Be A Yankees Fan

In the film, Denis Leary plays Yankees fan and Babe Ruth admirer Bill. That must have been tough on the Worcester-born Red Sox fan, who hates the Yankees in real life.

Mr. Mertle Is a Liar!

Mr. Mertle shows Smalls a photo of himself in a Phillies uniform standing between Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Since both players retired in the 30’s, that would make Mr. Mertle the first African American in the MLB — more than a decade before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947! It turns out that the filmmakers just put James Earl Jones’s face over Jimmie Foxx, a white player for the Philadelphia Athletics. So many lies!

There Were Many Beasts

Three English Mastiffs were employed to play “The Beast”: a smaller one for the chase scene, a medium one for some scenes and a large one for whenever he sat still. And the larger-than-life Beast seen while Squints is telling his story? That was a couple dudes in a costume.