Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty

Many Americans dread just the thought of jury duty and the prospect of missing work for possibly days at a time with just a few bucks per diem in return. But serving on a jury is one of our most important civic duties as Americans, and a former president is setting a good example to remind us all of that fact.

On Wednesday morning, former president Barack Obama — and his Secret Service detail — arrived at Chicago’s Daley Center so Obama could report in for jury duty.

Obama, who lives in Washington, also maintains a residence in Chicago. It’s great to see him actually show up and certainly make his fellow possible jurors feel a bit better about being there, but will he actually get selected? As a Harvard Law School graduate and a constitutional law professor, he’s certainly qualified, but the distraction caused by a former two-term president might not be worth it.

Obama isn’t the first former POTUS to show up for jury duty; Bill Clinton was willing to serve on a case involving a gang-related shooting when he was called in 2003, but was ultimately dismissed, while George W. Bush showed up in 2015 but was not selected. Dubya did pose for plenty of photos though:

Look who my friend has jury duty with today..