Will This UFC Fighter Play Ivan Drago’s Son In ‘Creed 2’?

Last month we learned that Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, will make his triumphant return to directing with Creed 2, the followup to 2015’s blockbuster hit Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed. Stallone has also confirmed that Dolph Lundgren will be returning as commie asshole and Apollo Creed killer Ivan Drago, but with Lundgren now 60, he probably won’t be the one fighting. Will Drago have a young protege of his own to pit against Adonis? And just who will play Ivan Drago Jr.? UFC fighter Sage Northcutt has an idea…

The 20-year-old UFC star, who earned an impressive 5-0 record in just 16 months after turning pro and is currently 8-2, believes that if Hollywood is in fact looking for an Ivan Drago Jr., he has what it takes. And based on looks, it’s hard to disagree.

He’s blond and jacked, what more do you need? Acting chops probably aren’t particularly important; Rocky IV was only Lundgren’s second role and he only had nine lines of dialogue in the entire film. The only problem we have with Northcutt is his height. At only 6’0″ — the same height as Michael B. Jordan — he won’t have that intimidating factor that made Lundgren, at 6’5″, so damn scary next to 5’9″ Stallone. But hey, Northcutt’s already got a poster ready, so that should count for something: