Watch Teddy Roosevelt Ban Christmas Trees In The ‘Drunk History’ Holiday Special

Comedy Central’s Drunk History has been an invaluable and hilarious source of stories about the 26th President of the United States — and first in our hearts — Teddy Roosevelt. Past episodes have included inebriated tellings of stories about Teddy and his Rough Riders in Cuba and Teddy saving football. And Tuesday night at 10 PM, Comedy Central will air a Drunk History Holiday Special featuring another Teddy tale.

Nobody is sure when Christmas trees first became commonplace at the White House, but by the time Roosevelt became president in 1901, it was tradition for presidents who had young children to have a Christmas tree. And Roosevelt did have young children in the house. However, by the early 1900s, public opposition to the cutting of forests for Christmas trees was growing, as the practice was seen as needlessly wasteful. And Roosevelt, a conservationist himself, sought to set an example by refusing to put up a Christmas tree in the White House. His children, however, had a plan of their own to save the tradition.

Watch the uncensored video of the Roosevelt children saving Christmas below from Comedy Central’s Drunk History.