Watch ISS Astronauts Throw The First Pizza Party In Space [Video]

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency has been on board the International Space Station since July as a member of Expedition 52/53. While there is nothing on Earth that can compare to life on the ISS, there is one thing that Nespoli misses about life down here: pizza.

Nespoli mentioned how he missed his favorite food to NASA’s ISS Program manager Kirk Shireman during a live public event and although pizza in space seemed like an impossibility, NASA came through.

The mosty recent Cygnus resupply ship contained everything the six-man crew needed to throw the first pizza party in space: prepackaged Boboli crusts, a squeeze bottle full of pizza sauce, smoked gouda spreadable cheese wedges and various toppings, including olives, pepperoni and even anchovies.

Hmmm…does anyone know who we contact about getting a few RSVLTS Pizza Party Shirts included on the next Cygnus resupply ship?