Watch A B-2 Stealth Bomber Fly Over The Rose Bowl

Give up, photographers; your chances of capturing the greatest photo of 2018 are already over. That’s because on the very first day of the year, aerial photographer Mark Holtzman flew over the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and snapped this incredible photo of a B-2 stealth bomber performing its own flyover before the start of Monday’s big game:

Holtzman received special permission to fly 5,000 feet above the stadium in a Cessna 206 in an effort to capture the gloriously ‘Murican moment and we can’t help but shed a red, white and blue tear looking at the beautifully patriotic pic.

Of course, not everyone could be high in the sky for the B-2’s powerful flyover, but that doesn’t mean the moment was any less amazing on the ground. The videos below illustrate just how intense the flyover was from terra firma, perfectly preparing the audience for an epic game that saw the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Oklahoma Sooners 54 to 48 in the first overtime game in Rose Bowl history.