Steph Curry Is The Ultimate Life coach In Bizarre Brita Ad

Plenty of us decide to use the new year as a chance to change ourselves for the better and most of us that do so quickly change our tune once we realize how much work it’s going to take. What we need is a life coach, but not some flash-in-the-pan, self-help author/guru. We need someone who can truly walk the walk — someone like…Steph Curry.

YouTube personality Rudy Mancuso, who I have never heard of but the internet assures me is quite famous, is one of those looking to make changes in the new year. And to guarantee success, he has the support of imaginary life coach and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry.

The unlikely pair star in a bizarre advertisement for Brita water filters that is almost too cringey to sit through all three minutes. But stay til the end of it and you’ll be rewarded by singing “First name Stephen, last name Curry, he came into my life now everything is less blurry” for the rest of the day. Welp, the rest of the year can only get better, right?