Watch PO1 Generald Wilson And A Bald Eagle Perform An Incredible National Anthem Before The NFC Championship

On Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings faced the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game and while the game itself wasn’t nearly as exciting as the AFC Championship earlier in the day — the Eagles destroyed the Vikings 38-7 — the NFC Championship did win when it came to the National Anthem. And it’s all thanks to Retired Naval Petty Officer, 1st Class, Generald Wilson. Skip to 31:40 to hear Wilson before Sunday’s game:

The US Navy veteran killed it before the big game and elevated what could have been a cringy stunt with a bald eagle to an epic moment of pure ‘Murican awesomeness. Of course, it helps that Wilson himself is no stranger to performing the notoriously difficult song in front of huge crowds; he has previously sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” and other songs before other NFL, MLB and NBA games.

Check out more clips of Wilson’s incredibly powerful voice below and let’s hope the NFL considers him to perform before the Super Bowl so we don’t have to suffer through another atrocious national anthem fail courtesy of whatever flash-in-the-pan pop star is chosen.