‘The Sandlot 25th Anniversary Collector Edition’ Blu-ray Includes Exclusive Baseball Cards

It’s hard to imagine that The Sandlot will turn 25 this year, but the fact is, the best baseball movie of all time was released way back in 1993. That means ’90s kids who grew up with the film are officially old. But as horrible as that news is, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has made that bitter pill much easier to swallow with the soon-to-be-released The Sandlot 25th Anniversary Collector Edition.

Available March 27, this new Blu-ray of The Sandlot includes an all-new booklet filled with behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of writer and director David Mickey Evans’ personal archive, and an all-new, full-color poster. Oh yeah, and 10 custom Topps baseball cards.

If you bought the 20th Anniversary Edition five years ago, be aware that these are not the same old cards included with that release. These ten cards, featuring Scotty Smalls, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, Squints and the rest of the gang, were created exclusively for this release and have more of a retro Topps look than the older cards.

Of course, no Sandlot viewing party is complete without the proper attire, so before the March 27 release, be sure to check out the official RSVLTS X The Sandlot Collection.