Watch The 20 Longest Home Runs From The 2017 MLB Season [Video]

While there is plenty to love about baseball, the simple fact is that the majority of casual viewers tune in or go to games with just one thing on their minds: home runs. And if it seems like there is a lot of interest in baseball all of a sudden, it’s probably because 2017 was the year of home runs.

A whopping 6,105 home runs were hit in total last season — the most ever. Even the 1998 MLB season, which featured the historic home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, only saw a total of 5,064 homers.

In celebration of the incredible 2017 season, MLB released a video featuring the top home run hitters’ longest homers. Check them out below:

Hmm…we seem to remember something about that last one. Oh yeah, that’s the day Aaron Judge showed some Sandlot love while discussing his miraculous homer!

Now we’re not saying that owning The Great Hambino Short Sleeve Shirt will turn you into an MLB superstar, but it probably wouldn’t hurt…