Mets Pitcher Jerry Blevins Loves ‘The Sandlot,’ Hates ‘Field Of Dreams’

We here at RSVLTS HQ love baseball movies — for proof look no further than our Sandlot Collection — but we’re just a bunch of desk jockeys sitting in an office in Hoboken. What the hell do we know about baseball? Are our favorites, like Major League, Rookie of the Year, and, of course, The Sandlot, equally revered by the pros? Of course!

Jerry Blevins has pitched for 11 seasons in the majors with the A’s, Nationals, and, most recently, the Mets. He knows baseball. And that’s why Twitter listened when Blevins made this bold statement back in November:

While Everybody Wants Some is a great movie, it’s hard to believe that it’s anyone’s favorite, let alone a pro baller’s. Is the rest of his “top ten” equally controversial? Not so much:

We think The Sandlot should have top honors, but we’re okay with the list as a whole. Oh wait, there seems to be a classic baseball flick missing. Where is Field of Dreams?

As it turns out, Blevins hates the Kevin Costner tearjerker — and he’s positive you do too, you just don’t know it yet. And at, he makes a solid argument as to why, including this brilliant point:

Oh, and the big climax of the movie is when Ray got to play catch with his dad. That part is even ruined for me because Ray says, “Have a catch.” Maybe it’s my midwestern roots, but I’ve never said anything but “play catch.” Nobody says “have a catch” unless they are mocking Field of Dreams.

He is totally right! “Have a catch”? What the hell is that all about?? And now we’re questioning everything we thought we knew about ourselves…

Lead image source: Johnmaxmena/Creative Commons