This Supercut Of Bob Ross Removing Contact Paper Is Oddly Satisfying [Video]

Bob Ross, the ultra-chill, nature-loving painter and host of PBS’s The Joy of Painting passed away more than 20 years ago but thanks to always-airing reruns and the internet, millions are still tuning in to watch him paint “happy little trees”…but why?

Ross’s bucolic Alaskan landscapes are not the sort of works of art that usually attract millennials, so why are we still such huge Bob Ross fans? It’s all about that brain tingle.

For many, Ross is a major source of autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. In other words, listening to Ross’s calm voice and inspirational soundbites — and for some, even the tapping of his brush — elicits a euphoric “tingle.” For proof, look no further than the video below, featuring four oddly satisfying minutes of Bob Ross removing contact paper from his paintings.

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