Aaron Judge Says He’s Done With The Home Run Derby

2017 was the year of home runs in Major League Baseball, with a total 6,105 homers hit — the most ever in an MLB season. And one the most exciting home run hitters to watch was New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge, a RSVLTS favorite who once wore a Great Hambino Short Sleeve Shirt after hitting a 495-foot homer out of the park.

In addition to hitting 52 home runs last season, Judge also dominated at the Home Run Derby, where he hit four homers over 500 feet and took home the title at the All Star contest. So what can we expect from Judge at the 2018 Home Run Derby? Not much, since he isn’t planning on taking part.

Judge made the announcement on CC Sabathia’s R2C2 Players’ Tribune podcast. “Yeah, I think I’m one and done at the Derby,” Judge revealed.

So what’s the deal? Well, if you look at Judge’s stats, he batted .329 with 30 homers, 66 RBIs and a 1.139 OPS in the 84 games before the Home Run Derby. But in the 60 games after, he hit .195 with 14 homers, 31 RBIs and a .797 OPS. And then there was a left shoulder injury that required surgery in November.

Although Judge didn’t blame the Home Run Derby on his slump or his shoulder injury, it seems like it might be a smart idea to stay away from the contest this year. And though we know its for the best, we will certainly miss watching him completely destroy the competition. But at least we’ll always have the video highlights: