Field Notes

Join the "RSVLTS U" Roster of Athletes

If you know the story of RSVLTS, you know that we have deep ties to Seton Hall University—shoutout Myles Powell—but showing any likeness or even mentioning the names of athletes was a huge no-no. That just changed.

With the NCAA's new NIL ruling, allowing athletes to take on sponsorships and earn a profit off of their image, we have the opportunity to do something we've been gunning for for years. No longer will our connection to the sports world be limited to pros like Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, or Lebron James (Yes, we know, what a nightmare). It's time we can finally expand. 

Introducing: RSVLTS U! 

This new program will give college athletes access to our brand with free gear and an opportunity to get involved with RSVLTS on a deeper level. Over time, we expect this offering to evolve, but we wanted to start with a narrow concept: College athletes contact us, we send them gear. It's that simple.

We're looking to get the word out to athletes from all sports, from all parts of the country. If you or someone you know is a current college athlete, apply to become a RSVLTS U Athlete!