Field Notes

ButterSoft: This is the softest shirt we've ever made. And it's going to change your life.

The ButterSoft line came as a result of trying to make something new, something unique and something you’d want to wear at home just as much as you’d want to wear out to dinner. When we were researching cotton knit materials we landed on a blend that was too heavy to be a t-shirt and possibly to light to be a sweatshirt, but we all agreed it was buttery soft.

So after quite a bit of trial and error, we finally landed on a way to create a button down shirt out of this insanely soft and stretchy material. The fabric is a knit, not a woven like our KUNUFLEX material, so the stretch on this shirt is off the charts, pretty much the polar opposite of our flannels, which are meant to be soft, but offer up an amount of ease in terms of washing and maintenance. With the ButterSoft shirt we took flannel feedback and identified the issue people had in terms of wanting a form fitting shirt that offered flexibility without compromising a well fitting shirt. Although these aren't flannels, we think they’re a solid alternative. On top of that, we added some really sleek light brown buttons, to give it a little extra pop.

These are meant to be worn as a casual shirt, but myself and the team have all been wearing them throughout the fall and could tell you no matter what the occasion, be it work zoom call or tucked in fancy-time, the compliments are inevitable.