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Field Notes

Field Notes

Pete's Tips For Surviving a RSVLTS Launch

  1. Show up early: It is always better to be early than late. Once the clock strikes launch time, hit that refresh button! Most of the time you will see new products on the main page first, and not on the collection page, or under new products tab.
  2. Be Patient: If the new designs aren’t on the site exactly at go time, BREATHE! We’re just making sure everything is perfect for you.
  3. Be ready to go: Have you credit card information, PayPal, discount codes, military discounts, or RSVLTS Reward Points ready to rock and roll at go time, don’t want to take the extra time having to find them.
  4. Double Check your cart: During a launch it seems that it is always a race to check out first, but slow down and make sure that all of the correct sizes are in your cart at check out. Nothing worse than thinking you are buying a 2XL but accidentally have an XS on your receipt.
  5. Discount Codes: Just a reminder, discount codes cannot be retroactively applied, and it is only one per order; make sure they are accepted before hitting that submit button.
  6. Order Agreement: Sometimes there will be a check box you need to click before you are allowed to move on with your purchase. A lot of the times you will see this for pre-sales or something that is final sale. Make sure to read what you are agreeing to! It can be helpful to take a screenshot for future reference too.
  7. Sold Out: If something sells out, you can always sign up for a restocking email notification. All you need to do is click the size you need and enter your email address. If or when the size or design is for sale again, you'll be one of the first to know.
  8. New Features: We have recently added a new feature to the website that reserves an item in your cart for 5 minutes once you add it. It is five minutes from the time you put the first item in your cart, not the last; anything after that five minutes, the item is fair game for everyone. This feature is still in beta, and if you have any issues, please email us.
  9. Reselling: If you don’t like something, don’t buy it, leave it for someone else! I understand there is a secondary market for these shirts, but it is never fun for me or other people to see them listed for a profit within minutes of you buying them or being delivered.
  10. Relax and have fun: I know y’all are passionate about RSVLTS, but if you miss out this one time, trust me, you are going to love the next one just as much.

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