Field Notes

RSVLTS 2023 Calendar of Events & Experiences

Holy events, Batman...this year is going to be insane! 

After a very successful 2022 for all the things Cons, Expos, Fests, Meet-ups and beyond, RSVLTS decided to ramp things up even further this year and go full-send into the realm of events and experiences! So throughout 2023, the events crew will be hitting the road, traveling the friendly skies coast-to-coast to attend some primo events each month, which includes us dusting off our passports to visit our friends to the North of the U.S. border AND likely will even hop across the pond to hang with our friends in the U.K. if all goes according to plan.  

So as many of you are already organizing your year ahead with holidays, vacations, escapes and whatnot, we hope you also can factor us into those plans, so below we threw together a little calendar of events (based on what we know at this moment; subject to change) so you can meet us here, there and everywhere RSVLTS will dominate this year. You know the drill: join us for a quick hang sesh at the booth, throw back a few beverages and/or some wings at a local hotspot or perhaps pop onto our guest list at an epic afterparty we'll likely throw surrounding some of these marquee occasions. 

We'll continue to update the calendar if more events are added and as per usual we will be dropping a Field Notes post in advance of each occasion to give you all the super juicy details, most especially some sneak-peek looks at our exclusive event offerings. Trust us on that latter point - we’ve been in the lab with a pen and pad, are about to pop-off with some nuclear 🔥 this year! 

Important note: the way we show up at each of these occasions might not look exactly like before, could be completely different than how we’ve ever activated previously (e.g. not all appearances = a booth), so if you have any questions, you know how to find us online and across socials to chat a bit more on each subject. 

So without further ado…

2023 Calendar of Events & Experiences (subject to change)

February -

March -

April -

May -

  • TBD

June -

July -

August -

September -

  • TBD

October -

November - 

  • TBD

December -