Field Notes

RSVLTS New ButterSoft™ Polo - Lookbook

With spring occasionally starting to show its beautiful little self in the northeast, it means it’s never too early to start looking ahead to some new warm-weather options. For those in the south, you already know the drill, but regardless of where you reside - THIS NEW BUTTERSOFT POLO IS FOR YOU. 

The glorious thing about these everyday short-sleeved ButterSoft polos - available in black, green and blue - is they all feature the versatile, soft-as-ever lightweight material and legendary 360° Stretch Technology that everyone knows and loves from the long-sleeved ButterSoft 2.0 launch - perfect for any/all occasions so you can wear some buttery-soft goodness across the entire calendar year.

In fact, let's just go ahead and call it a session shirt (for all you beer lovers out there), so you can essentially rock it to/from/inside the office, to the pub for your dart league, Gin Rummy and/or book clubs, bocce ball tournaments, tap dance performances in Des Moines, skateboarding seshs with the crew, wakeboarding trips with the fam, drag racing leagues with the ADRL pros…basically whenever, wherever, however you will, any of the ButterSoft shirts have your back. 

Lookbook below!