Budweiser "Dad's Cooler"  Hybrid Shorts

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Your dad's cooler has three things: A broken handle, war stories from BBQs of years past like when his one friend "Sully" almost lost an eye lighting off a firecracker in the backyard, and of course, plenty of Budweiser ranging from ones he bought last week to ones that have been in there since 1978.

They're not for you. Go grab something out of the fridge. And don't leave the lights on when you leave the kitchen, don't want the electric bill costing more than Coney Island's.

Product Details

  • Hybrid shorts, perfect for land or water
  • Made with a soft, quick drying fabric
  • No netting, choose your own destiny
  • Size guide
  • Patterns: All of our shorts are unique, which means the exact pattern locations may differ slightly from what's seen in the photo. That's called one-of-a-kind.
  • Colors: We do our best to show you an exact representation, but as everyone views on a different device, it's possible that the colors of the product may differ slightly from what's seen on your screen.
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
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  • Imported
  • Officially licensed from Anheuser-Busch
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