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Rookie of the Year

FUNKY BUTTLOVIN! RSVLTS x Rookie of the Year is here! The movie that gave 90s kids sitting in right field a glimmer of hope that a freak injury could lead to Major League stardom is turning 25 today, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than dropping this collaboration! From Hot Ice to High Stinky Cheddar to the most baseball name of all-time - Chet Steadman, we encapsulated all things that made this movie great into a complete collection baseball and movie fans alike could appreciate.

In addition, we have partnered up with the iconic Chicago sports store, Clark Street Sports (Select Locations) to carry the full collection this summer. Put your Sandlot shirts down (momentarily) and get excited. First come first serve!

RSVLTS x Home Alone

We're about to launch our Home Alone collection. Be the first to find out about it.

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