Field Notes

Kunuflex vs Cottonstretch vs Buttersoft vs BorlandFlex vs Ace Polo vs …

Actually...let’s just drop the “versus” as written in the headline and as an overall construct. It’s been a hot topic as of late, which is a misconception that we need to briefly clear the air! 

Revised headline: Kunuflex & Cottonstretch & Buttersoft & Ace Polo … etc. etc. 

Essentially - variety

As mentioned in a few recent Field Note posts, re: #innovation, as an apparel company we’re going to continue to introduce new cuts, styles, fabrics, etc., ultimately to provide additional options for various seasons and occasions. This goes for both licensed and unlicensed goods, and this absolutely will go for women’s styles too, which is imminent. 

For example, Cottonstretch and Kunuflex. Don’t worry, lovers of each fabric, both are here to stay. While for various reasons it’s not possible to provide shirts in both fabrics, yet, we want to make sure everyone has options for year-round comfort and style. 

Furthermore, as we’ve seen/heard with the first Cottonstretch drop (and with Captain Planet), please note the collar is a traditional Camp cut (sometimes called Bowling, Cuban), which is currently an extremely popular collar/style no matter where you look IRL or online. 

The little loop on the collar? Aesthetics! As you’ll notice, some brands put those on the collar, others don’t, but alas, resist the urge to try to cut it or connect it to anything, or a monocle and strap that beast on and really make a fashion statement! The world is your sartorial oyster (pro tip: search Camp Cut Collar Style for some additional styling suggestions). 

Also, as cotton is the predominant fabric of Cottonstretch, definitely take notice of the care instructions or do a quick search online for other suggestions. For these shirts, you’ll want to iron them after a wash, and alongside a Camp collar, we do reco ironing the little peak on both sides (below the collar itself), which you’ll see is the most prominent way featured all-around. 

Last, but certainly not least, we purposely add size guides within the product pages with each launch to help everyone find the best fit for their body type, all to the best of our abilities of course. Additionally, in a way we’re also offering styling guides with the lookbooks to help inform ways to wear your lewks. Don’t like buttoning all the way to the top like the photos suggest, more of a two-button only type person? ROCK IT, you do you!

Always please remember: “style” is extremely subjective and the last thing we’re trying to do is tell you precisely how you should wear your gear/do your little turn on the catwalk (s/o Right Said Fred). 

Net/net - we deeply appreciate all your support and all your feedback as we strive to provide the latest and greatest products, so keep it all coming.