Field Notes

RSVLTS & Mosh Eisley 10/28 Vegas Party - Galactic Details

Soooooo with MOSH EISLEY just around the corner, as mentioned in the announcement post a few weeks back, we want to relay a bit more info so everyone can prepare for lightspeed straight to Las Vegas for the 10/28 event. 

The Mosh team & RSVLTS have been busy planning a ton of action for the evening, which is shaping up to be more wild than a Friday night Carbonite Jam at Jabba’s Palace. All sorts of dancin’, rockin’, rollin’, moshin’, lightsaberin’, costumin’, merchin’, drinkin’, laughin’, jammin’ and more will be in store, including some freebies and all kinds of other hullabaloo. 

It is a costume party after all, and on the weekend preceding Halloween, so dust off your Boushh helmet and LET'S DO THIS. 

Don’t have your tickets yet? Hurry, they’re going quickly, check out here and below to purchase. You absolutely don’t want to gamble on missing this party like a haphazard scoundrel at the Sabacc table…or maybe you do, however we don’t recommend that strategy. 

Anyhow, here’s all the juicy details again for your reference: 

Stay tuned for even more updates as we get closer to the event, as well as more updates in the coming weeks about other upcoming RSVLTS events & experiences - Mosh Eisley and beyond.

Speaking of which, did we mention RSVLTS will be making its debut at Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC, Dec 2-4) in a few months? Maybe not, but we definitely just said it now, more details to follow soon!