Field Notes

RSVLTS New ButterSoft™ Collection - Lookbook

Our favorite shirt just got some gorgeous upgrades, including a lighter, more breathable and versatile material!

However, before we dive too deep into product details of the new collection, let’s reframe our minds and dip our toes into the lipid-rich pool of ButterSoft™ via some poignant, clairvoyant consumer-based descriptions: 

“Butter-fresh-from-the-fridge softness.” -Evan

“Butter-that's-been-sitting-on-the-counter-for-an-hour soft.” -Evan (again)

That’s correct, Evan - it’s a universal truth when it comes to the buttery-fresh feel of the products, so it’s not just a clever name, and this newest collection does come with some adjustments to the material based on customer feedback from the previous drop.

So, expect the new ButterSoft to have a similar fit as before (same as a Long-Sleeve Kunuflex), though we made some updates to the shirt and material that should complement the fit itself, including: 

  • Material - the new material used with this year's ButterSoft shirt is a bit lighter and more breathable, so it's more versatile to wear anywhere or in any situation, regardless if layered with other gear or basking in the limelight on its own. It does still have that 360° stretch plus a soft, heathered fabric, so it doesn't lose any of the cozy and forgiving feel.
  • Sleeves - the sleeves will not be as long or bunchy as the previous model, better fitted to the arms, so they'll look good rolled up or buttoned down.
  • Softness - fuggedaboutit. Evan already covered this point. 

NOTE: there are slim and regular versions, which are marked accordingly on the product pages, however please just double-check before purchasing. Size guide and graphic included below, which best shows/explains the difference in sizing alongside a visual on a model. 

Enough talk/text, let these majestic models and graphics do the rest!