Field Notes

RSVLTS x Pixar Fest ‘22 Preview and “Camp Collar” for Women’s Style

As part of today’s RSVLTS x Pixar Fest ‘22 collection drop, we want to briefly call attention to a new format we’ve included to specifically the women’s style shirt in this collection (note: all are KUNUFLEX™ material, in traditional and select women’s and youth styles, including a new hat). 

As fashion is a constantly evolving universe, from time-to-time we want to introduce new formats to ensure we also continually innovate within the fashion space as a brand, above and beyond design itself, which means piloting new materials (such as BorlandFlex, Cottonstretch and Buttersoft), as well as introducing different styles and other looks to various lines so they can all evolve accordingly. 

So while not all women’s Kunuflex styles moving forward will include the camp collar - similarly in that not all traditional RSVLTS gear features the specific camp collar either - we’ll continue to do our best to call attention to when the collection includes any/all shirts with new formats.

Additionally, while "fashion" and “style” are always subjective terms of course, in regards to styling a camp collar with your wardrobe, traditionally the top is meant to be worn a bit more casually unbuttoned/open, with the collar lapels pressed/steamed outwardly flat (in particular the smaller, lower peak in relation with the larger top lapel, as shown below). A brief internet search will easily produce quite a few articles that break down numerous styling suggestions, as well as include visual references. 

See below for a brief preview of today’s designs and items from this year’s Pixar Fest collection, we hope you enjoy the new camp collar addition to the women's style shirt!