Field Notes

Summertime Collection | Lookbook Launch

I know summer is almost here when I walk out of RSVLTS HQ for the day and the sun is still shining down some warm cosmic rays in the early eve. It's a great feeling knowing the weather is about the change for many of us Northerners, which means the cold, dark winter air begins to whisk away almost ceremoniously alongside the flowers starting to bloom across the city. 

So what's actually behind this Summertime name? This collection is going to be a new concept, where we roll out a series of brand new unlicensed RSVLTS designs under the Summertime banner, through LDW. Within the coming weeks and months you'll see how hard we've been working on this over the past year, putting a heavy focus on nailing the vibrant RSVLTS brand designs that we know everyone loves. 

This specific Summertime drop consists of five electric KUNUFLEX shirts and matching Koozies, because gosh dangit...Koozie season is here! If you like beach living, BBQ grilling, friends on a boat hanging, son of a gun, these are the designs for you.

It also looks like we're thankfully beginning to turn the corner on COVID-19. So as we all get back into the flow of some sort of normalcy, these vibrant colors with dynamic, unique patterns that exude a summertime feel and will help you make a grand entrance back into the world.

Additionally, we've heard all your requests loud and clear, and we want to give everyone designs (and new products) to make it possible to wear RSVLTS seven days a week. We're talking a variety of incredible in-your-face licensed designs, both subdued and vibrant unlicensed items, ButterSoft and BorlandFlex goodness for the weekend campfires, and some more basic long-sleeve KUNUFLEX items coming soon for when some start going back to office...and more! 

This Summertime collection is a step in that direction and we're very happy with how these designs turned out, all which they do a great job of capturing the reopening spirit of 2021. 

Lastly...who are the two folks in the lookbook photos you're about to see? I'm so glad you asked! About a month ago we put a call out to the RSVLTS Insiders to apply for our model search. There were dozens of amazing submissions, and the first two Insiders we called are now the faces of this current Summertime advertising and lookbook campaign. As you'll see, Brett and Doug are naturals, they really nailed it during our recent Venice, CA photoshoot. 

So let's all go forth into this upcoming Summertime with a fresh perspective and some even fresher gear - we look forward to seeing you all rockin' some gear in the coming months and beyond!

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