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Star Wars™ "Technicolor Troopers"


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RSVLTS Star Wars Koozie Star Wars™ Technicolor Troopers – Koozie

Sure, maybe they can't aim. But, man, do they look good.

Help your drink stand out from the crowd and cover your can in the many bright and colorful buckets of those pesky bucketheads! After all, if there’s one thing the stormtroopers know how to do, it’s stand out from the crowd.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: "Technicolor Troopers" KUNUFLEX™ button downs (traditional & youth), koozies and hybrid shorts (limited quantities of the youth shorts only in select retail stores) are RSVLTS May The 4th exclusives. Like the "Galactic Toy Box" from last year’s collection, get them now before they become force spirited (though not technically, of course).

Officially licensed from Lucasfilm