Let's Go Bananas

Minor League Baseball took a big hit in 2020. With over 40 teams across the country cut from the system, many players suddenly found themselves without a job. But the Savannah Bananas have something to say about that.

The Bananas, a team in the collegiate, wood-bat Coastal Plain League, is forming a "Premier Team" of paid players and holding try outs for players across the country. And this team is bringing the ruckus. We're talkin' bat flips, we're talkin' mohawks, we're talkin' shotgunning beers. It's the true spirit of baseball.

To help with this noble cause, a limited-edition Savannah Bananas x RSVLTS button down—made from RSVLTS' signature, soft and stretchy KUNUFLEX™ fabric—will be available for pre-sale, with all proceeds headed back to help fund traveling players and their host families.

And with the bad boys of baseball media over at Jomboy ready to help blow this thing out of the water, we're shedding light on those teams and players keeping the heart of America's past time beating.

Sign up now to find out more about the short pre-sale selling window. It's coming soon and you won't want to miss your shot at button down glory.