Breakfast Balls "The Eagle" Scratch Polo

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Is there anything more stressful than that rare eagle putt? Sure, chipping it in for eagle is a dream, but it's that long putt after a long drive and a perfect approach that will haunt you. If you find yourself with an eagle putt, you need a polo that can keep you cool and airy in a sticky situation.

Enter: "The Eagle," a breathable polo that we guarantee will help you sink an eagle putt.*

*We obviously cannot guarantee this.

Product Details

  • The Scratch Polo features a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric and comes with super-soft jersey mesh side paneling for extra ventilation. Stay cool, the only thing that should be covered in sweat is the outside of your beer.
  • Material: polyamide / polyester blend
  • The fabric has enough stretch that the only thing getting in the way of your swing is... well, your swing
  • Non-slip silicone lining on the bottom hem keeps this thing tucked in even on the absolute biggest of hacks
  • Patterns: All of our shirts are unique, which means the exact pattern locations may differ slightly from what's seen in the photo. That's called one-of-a-kind.
  • Colors: We do our best to show you an exact representation, but as everyone views on a different device, it's possible that the colors of the product may differ slightly from what's seen on your screen.
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Don't bleach (obviously). And don't iron the piece of bacon on the chest. That only goes for the shirt, though. We are fully on board with you cooking your bacon and eggs with an iron.
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