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Champion of Champions

Crewneck Tee

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RSVLTS Small RSVLTS T-Shirt Champion of Champions – Crewneck Tee
RSVLTS RSVLTS T-Shirt Champion of Champions – Crewneck Tee

Sometimes, simplicity is all it takes. This tee, with its classic color scheme, clean logo and type, and to-the-point style will always look good. Maybe people will think you row crew for the American squad. Maybe people will think you were a trainer for the 1980 "Miracle On Ice" hockey team. Maybe people will see you and just think you've got that classic cool look. Either way, they all sound good.

Printed on The World's Most Comfortable T-shirt™, our soft, high-quality blend that doesn't dissolve into oblivion when you wash it. To put it plainly, tees don't get softer than this.

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  • Made with our ultra-soft blend material. You'll look good and feel like you're wearing a cloud—one of the soft, fluffy ones. Not the scary storm ones.
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  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
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